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  "How We Launched Our Business On TikTok And Gained 120,000+ Followers, Generated 753 Leads, 68 Customers, & 109 Apps To Join Our Team In Under 30 Days and NOW duplicating throughout our team..."

In this step-by-step, easy to follow and implement training series…
You'll Learn How to Attract a Steady Stream of Customers & Team Members for FREE on TikTok WITHOUT Doing Silly Dance Videos, Lip Synching or Even Speaking a Single Word… 

EVEN IF… you have NEVER done a TikTok in your life… and the thought of getting on camera and being seen on TikTok scares the living daylights out of you.

Network marketing leaders Mike, Carla & Shannon have you covered and will give you EVERYTHING you need to be successful with this and get results NOW.

Why TikTok?!?

Aright, we've got to confess…

When first heard of TikTok we didn't get it. 

We thought it was cringey, just for learning new dances, and that it stole your info! 

We even made our daughter delete it and banned her from it.

Hah. Were we ever wrong! And you're about to see why. 

About 10 months ago we decided to dive headfirst into learning TikTok after having some AHA moments...


The OG of Attraction Marketing - Ferny Ceballos (who we've been personally mentored by) shared a training he had done "How TikTok Works, A New Ground Floor Opportunity"

Ferny, was an MIT-educated aerospace engineer. He is NOT known for his dancing, lip syncing, or blue hair... but he is known for making 8-figures online! So we listened up.


Bryan Akers, school teacher, Dad of 3, and the NICEST man you'll ever meet was on TikTok!?! He's in our downline, and one night he came to us with a confession... "Guys, you'll never guess what I'm doing and how well it's working!" 

He was getting HUUUUGE engagement, millions of views and thousands of comments. And this past month he enrolled 264 customers from TikTok alone!!!


It’s actually a confession… we wanted a new social network (gasp), we wanted to see if there was a way to help our team grow even faster, and we were quite honestly getting bored of the content on Facebook. 

So we downloaded the App and what we discovered completely transformed our business and now it’s doing the same for our TEAM!!

It turns out the algorithm on the app is crazy smart (but you’ve GOT to use it the right way), and when you do… it is the most powerful tool available today to reach people en mass - and it's FREE!

Yep, things grew so fast that we were struggling to keep up with the massive influx of prospects! (good problem)

After 3 weeks of no sleep and 16-hour days, we finally put a system in place to make sure all prospects were able to easily buy products and apply to join our team - on auto-pilot!

From there we trained our team (#duplication) and partnered with top earner Shannon Boyle (NWM coach, energy + mindset coach, crushing it on TikTok), our results caught the attention of Ferny Cellebos (OG of Attraction Marketing) and we were asked to speak on stage in Las Vegas at Digital Networker Live (Ray Higdon was a trainer there too!!)

In this first week of the month, our team (from our leaders down) has brought in over 1000 new customers from TikTok! 

People who struggled for years, earn more in a month than they had ever made online!

And now for a limited time, we’re going to make it available to you as well!

It’s time to #RockTheTok!!

We've put our entire formula into this course,
so you can copy our success!

The TikTok algorithm may allow you a moment in the spotlight, but a strong strategy will keep you there. Join academy and you'll discover:

module 1

TikTok Simplified ($197 value) 

Why TikTok is the ultimate equalizer and how literally anyone can make videos that reach thousands (or more) - even if you have zero followers. 
Does your 'For You' feed make you concerned for humanity? We'll show you how you can quickly get content you'll actually want to see. 
Discover why people come to TikTok, knowing this nuance will quickly allow you to connect with your audience and turn your following into a valuable asset that continues to feed your business.
Learn how TikTok determines what content gets seen by thousands and what doesn't (this is different from Facebook and Instagram).
There are 2 account options for TikTok, we'll give you our formula for choosing the right one for your business goals.
Learn the #1 mistake most networkers make on TikTok, which instantly turns their channel into a digital ghost town. We'll show you how to avoid this.
You might have heard... TikTok does not allow MLM's. However, you can safely be there if you understand these rules.

module 2

TikTok Lead Generation Foundation ($595 value)

How to pick a niche that is guaranteed to attract hungry prospects who are eager to buy or join your team.
Our 6 step blueprint to follow when creating your TikTok profile (if your goal is to attract customers & builders).
How to avoid the biggest mistake we made when setting up our Bio that ended up costing us hundreds of leads and so much frustration. 
The fastest way to find and engage your community on TikTok... it's so simple, you won't believe it! 
How to prime the algorithm to grow your ideal following and get leads every day. 
An easy and fun way to get endless content ideas, so you'll always know what to post next and it will have the highest probability of expanding your reach.

module 3

Three Step TikTok Profit Formula ($997 value)

Learn our 3 step video framework that will flood your videos with comments from excited people asking you for more info!
Learn exactly what to say in the first 3 seconds of your videos to get your ideal prospects to stop scrolling, watch your video and reach out.
Get Mike's 9 proven Call To Actions that you can swipe and use in your videos to get people into action and get sales (most miss this step or share ones that don't work).

module 4

The Five Specific Video Types That PERFORM Best for Social Sellers/Network Marketers ($2,197 value)

Learn the two specific types of videos that your prospects will LOVE and make them want to buy from you. These are dead simple to make & take less than 10 min from start to finish.
It’s weird... but it WORKS! Get the video type and instructions that our student Bryan used to get 264 customers in one month on auto-pilot.  
Get your hands on the one video type and the formula for it, that will boost your content shelf-life, ensuring your videos live on long after you publish them (we're talking months).
Discover how to make the easiest video on TikTok that everyone overlooks, it's incredibly powerful for launches, cart close deadlines, or flash sales. One of our team members made over ONE HUNDRED sales from just this video alone!
Learn how to tap into the latest trending videos for maximum exposure without steering off brand and attracting the wrong audience.

module 5

Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs & Energy Leaks ($793 value)

Discover Shannon's breakthrough strategy for showing up on TikTok as the EPIC leader you are! 
Confused about who to serve and what to sell on TikTok? Shannon will help you get clarity. If you confuse people you lose people. 
Find out how Shannon's formula can help you uncover your unconscious blocks and remove imposture syndrome so you can take consistent action with confidence.
The fastest way to overcome creative blocks so you can get back in the flow without missing a beat.
Ready to make quantum shifts in your business? You'll want to ask yourself these questions each day.

module 6

Creating & Editing TikTok's Like A Pro ($297 value)

How to create and edit your TikTok videos like a pro (including 5 easy and captivating transition ideas).
The counterintuitive approach to selecting relevant music that will give your videos more exposure.
The best video length to strive for (especially if you are new to TikTok or getting little results).
What matters most when creating TikToks - sound, lighting, background? The answer might surprise you.
How to optimize your videos with text, captions, hashtags & effects.
Our list of TRIGGER words to steer clear of. Using any of these could have you shadowbanned on TikTok and it can take weeks to get things back on track.
The easiest and quickest way to remove TikTok watermarks so you can repurpose them to Facebook Reels, IG Reels, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest. 

module 7

How To Connect With Your Prospects In TikTok Messenger ($197 value)

TikTok can be tricky when it comes to communicating directly with your prospects. We'll share our method for how to best communicate.
The last thing you want to do with an interested prospect is to scare them away with some high pressure sales tactics. We'll share our no-pressure way to have a meaningful conversation with your prospect and get them excited to take the next step!

module 8

Understanding TikTok Analytics For EVEN More Growth ($197 value)

Discover how to use free analytics from TikTok to enhance your performance and build stronger connections with your audience. 
Learn how and when to post to improve reach... the answer might surprise you!

Plus, Access to group coaching calls!

Hot seat & clarity coaching calls

Group Coaching  ($1,699 value)

Access 4 group coaching sessions with Mike & Shannon.
Get an in-depth review of your TikTok account and videos so you can get clarity on your brand and message and confirm that you're headed in the right direction when it comes to TikTok growth.
Have a TikTok question? Jump on the call. 
Watch and learn from everyone that participates! Our students can't get enough of these!!  


We're blushing! And so stoked to hear how #RockTheTok is impacting so many!

Melani Sessa

"I’ve 4x’d my enrollments!

As a 21 year veteran in the MLM space, I’ve created my own courses and invested in a lot of other courses and coaching communities.

Yet, this course has made the most tangible impact in my business.

I’ve 4x’d my enrollments, I’m clear on my message and niche and I’m having so much fun creating content!

If you’re confused or overwhelmed at the thought of starting on TT, rest assured that Rock the Tok is exactly what you need. It's hands down the best “bang for your buck” I’ve had in my years of investing in coaching."

Colleen Sullivan

"I had over 150 enrollments in Jan from TikTok!

Before RockTheTok my business was stuck and I was not generating leads for my ideal customer/partner.

I thought NEVER would I be on TikTok. The few times I went on, I was totally turned off. Here I am!

If you're consistent and follow the steps outlined in the course, you will grow! In December, I reached 1000 followers (within 3 weeks of taking the course). In January, I had over 150 enrollments. A far cry from what my business was producing prior RockTheTok and TikTok."

Bryan Atkers

"After taking RockTheTok, I brought on 264 new customers in one month, was the #2 enroller for my company in the month of October, ranked advanced twice, and had my first 4 figure month I've ever had in network marketing!"

Heather Summers

"At 50 years old I thought... what am I doing on TT?!? But, I saw other people having success. I'm always open to trying new things so I jumped into TT and was there for a year, I had 8K followers. Then came to RockTheTok to further my growth. In the first month of RTC, I doubled my followers (almost 20K). I learned a new video type that I hadn't been using. 80% of ppl buy direct from it (no convo) and I am at 100 sales last month!! I'm also turning my TT's into Reels and getting sales."

Carrie Schrader RX 

"I learned soooo much! I can't believe I used to be intimidated by TikTok. It's so different than I expected, and a brand new audience! I'm over 1000 followers in under a month! "

Eric Oliver 

"I joined RockTheTok in January. I had been stuck at about 200 followers on TT for well over a year. 

Using what I learned in the course I just had my first viral video, which got over half a million views!! I got 1,500 new followers overnight, AND Hundreds of new leads reaching out to ME wanting to learn about my high ticket product!!

I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to blow up their business on social media!!"

Nan Sowieja

"I don't normally swear... I'm so f'n excited. You guys have really helped me turn this around. I have 12 new ppl wanting help just from my TT last night. I had sale who wants to become a partner. Finished the month with 21 sales. OK... I feel it's my time to shine. Thank you again so much! Holy Sh%$!"

Justina Gonzalez

"This training really helped me!! not only did I learn strategies but got so much clarity in my business!"

Ferny Ceballos

"I asked Mike and Carla to train an exclusive group of my clients, who are all Digital Network Marketers, on TikTok. This live workshop was leaps and bounds ahead of any TikTok training they’d ever seen! It was powerful and now we have members of our mastermind passively attracting and enrolling customers every single day from TikTok and are now replicating their success on Reels, using the exact same videos they posted on TikTok"

Brooke Kehoe

Okay Folks… I have 145 followers… 145! and I just got my first sale! Shannon helped me claim being the Homeschool Mother Queen of TR so I’ve been focusing on my content for other SAHM/homeschool moms and BAM!!

Missy Andersen  

"I am beyond words grateful for all the time and energy you put into this program. It helped me pivot in a big way!"

Bec Sadek

"It's insane you guys what I am seeing in my back office this month, my team is enrolling HUNDREDS of people a month on TikTok. HUNDREDS. Thank you guys for leading the charge"

Value-Packed Bonuses

Say whaat?!? For a limited time only, you get to choose from these bonuses!

Bonus 1

Done For You
Viral Video Templates
($397 value)

A total of 10 templates of the highest performing videos from Mike, Shannon and our students along with detailed video instructions on how to make them. 

Plus, exact template for the 10-second viral video of Mike saying & doing NOTHING that got 1.5 Million views, 378k likes, 4668 comments, 620 shares.

Bonus 2

Play Book For Optimizing Your Bio & Automating Your Enrollment Funnel ($267 value)

One of the biggest lessons we learned from building on TikTok is that you can get a MASSIVE surge of followers and customers at any time – even when you're sleeping!

And believe us -- you will want to be ready to serve them -- not drowning in overwhelm trying to connect them to info they are begging for and having them move on (cause they will)!

But where do you start?

It’s easy! We’ve got you covered with this BONUS play book!

Bonus 3

 Student Facebook Group  ($697 value)

Get access to our exclusive Student group and our community of super TikTok'ers who will cheer you on, share #wins, working strategies, answer questions and more! We'll also share all of the latest TikTok Trends and updates as they happen. 

Bonus 4

 Student Chat  ($997 value)

Got a burning TikTok question, want help to figure something out fast, want to know what's working now? How about a boost of energy and support... you'll love our live student chat!!

Bonus 5

Top Earner & Industry Guest Trainers
($2,135 value)

Get access to this exclusive training from TOP earner and industry leading trainers - Bec Sadek, Andrew McShea, Simon Chan, Rob Sperry, Woody Woodward and more!

Bonus 6

Rock Star Battle Cry 
($979 value)

Your unique Battle Cry will call in your audience, make them curious about what you’re up to, and have your messenger poppin'. You’ll get newfound confidence because you’ll know precisely how you’re different from all the other distributors out there, and you’ll be able to communicate that message clarity and purpose!

Bonus 7

AI for TikTok'ers
($197 value)

Want to harness the power of artificial intelligence (e.g., chatGPT) and learn how to put our proven plug and play formula's into AI to generate endless content ideas, descriptions and hashtags for your niche.  

Get Access to RockTheTok Now

Limited Time Offer....

RockTheTok - Platinum Star

RockTheTok Modules 1 to 8  (Value $5,470) 
Group Coaching Sessions (student favorite!!) (Value $4,997)
Bonus 1: Done for You Viral Templates (Value $397)
Bonus 2: Playbook for Optimizing Your Bio & Automating Enrollments (Value $267)
Bonus 3: RockTheTok Student Facebook Group  (Value $697)
Bonus 4: TikTok Student Support Chat (Value $997)
Bonus 5:  Top Earner & Industry Guest Trainers (Value $2,135)
Bonus 6: Secret Weapon: Battle Cry TikTok custom made for you (Value $979)
Bonus 7: How to Unleash AI for TikTok (Value $197)

$16,725 (Total Value)

original price $2,327.00

For you today only


Save $1,230

Package available for a limited time

Payment options available: info@mikeandcarla.ca for options

About Your Trainers

Mike Gostola & Carla Shaw

Rise Marketing Academy 

Are successful entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, but had always struggled to make it happen in network marketing using more “traditional” social platforms. Until they took their marketing strategies to TikTok! And the rest is history!

Shannon Boyle 

NWM Leader, Founder of The Mental Wellness University 

I love all things energy, woo and jumping timelines with you in life and business by helping you with your unique brand clarity and removing your unconscious success blocks.

Questions? We’re Here To Help.

email info@mikeandcarl.ca

Income Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in this system or any of these products. This is information designed to help you understand the specific information covered. It is not an attempt to render tax, legal, or business advice. We do not purport this as a “Get Rich Scheme”. This is not a business opportunity. How you use the information is entirely up to you. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with our opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although believed to be accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase.

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