Recently, we heard something perplexing from a top earner on podcast.

Repeated over, and over again, like a mantra, was…

“Build your business, not your brand!”

What's PERPLEXING  is that this “advice” was coming from someone who grew their business online through a personal brand. They sell courses online, hold seminars, and have a huuuge social media following.

So, this was very much a case of…

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

So let's set a few things straight, shall we?

If you've been trying to figure out ways of growing an online business, because over used methods like virtual parties, generic copy/paste messages and posting about making extra money online are not working for you, here's what it actually means to “build a brand,” and why the above advice is so terrible.

Your brand is your business!

It's simple: every action you take in your business results in either…

  • Being more likable, or less likable
  • Having more credibility, or less credibility 
  • Improving your reputation, or trashing it
  • Being memorable, or forgettable

Think about this…

Every person you talk to, you either leave them with a good impression or a bad impression, right?

So if someone chooses to never talk to you again, because they think you're kind weird and just wanna make a sale after you tried to prospect them with a copy paste message, then…

That's your brand, in their eyes!

So with every action, you're affecting your public image and your relationships in the world—which, in turn, all affect your brand.

You can build a negative brand or a positive brand

It simply depends on how you conduct yourself.

If you approach building your business by leading with your wallet (which most don't even mean to do), then your brand will be damaged and you'll still get poor results, which is important because…

The results you produce in your business also affect your credibility.

And as you grow online and your business creates more results, those results become a part of your brand since you are now associated with success.

Conversely, if you constantly creep people out and lead with hype and don't have true results, then that will be your brand and how you're known to people: “the hype person who keeps annoying us with his pyramid thing.”

This is especially true if you're growing an online business and interacting with other marketers.

You will become known as that guy or that girl who builds his or her business all wrong and doesn't know what they are doing.

Now before we give you the complete formula for the “magic branding pixie dust” which has helped us attract Action Takers to our team and our e-commerce business, here's what a brand isn't…

Your brand is NOT a bunch of pretty pictures!

…or motivational quotes, or any of that stuff.

Your brand is all about the results you're producing, the actions you're taking, and the people you are affecting.

So even if you're doing Facebook Lives, if you're doing them wrong, then they're a big waste of time and won't do anything to serve your brand.

So you've got to be strategic with your message.

Returning to the terrible advice many distributors are being given…

“Build your business, not your brand.”

We think this advice is actually trying to get people to do this (equally terrible)…

Build your company's brand, not your personal brand.

But here's the thing:

Promoting your brand and your following VS the company's products and the company's opportunity should not be in conflict.

In fact, by now you may have heard the VERY GOOD advice from leaders that GET IT…

You should NOT lead with your company's products and your company's name on social media.


People shouldn't be able to figure out which company you represent

…from your social media profile.

And why is that?

Because people join PEOPLE and people buy from PEOPLE in this profession.

Your brand is not this big intangible idea.

In addition to being likable and trustworthy…

Your brand is based on what people think you can do for them.

If you're perceived as someone who can help people achieve their goals or solve a problem in their life, that means you are building a positive brand and people will want to join you or buy from you.

That ultimately serves the interest of the company, by helping you make more sales on their behalf.

On the other hand, when you post stuff about your company & products, in lieu of developing your brand, you are diminishing the role you play in the eyes of your followers.

Remember, people can literally go search the company name on Google without talking to you and buy the product from someone else or even join someone else.

By posting about your company, you are saying the company plays a bigger role in helping them than you do.

You're just a salesperson – an unimportant commodity – they don't need.

In fact…

If you are perceived as a salesperson, you are repelling your prospects!

Or they will read a bunch of negative stuff on Google and not want to talk to you.

Obviously, in a business that relies on trust and relationships, the prospect NEEDS YOU.

There is a time & place to talk about the company, but that's only when you present the product or opportunity to someone. Not when you are prospecting or marketing in public.

Create a little mystery and curiosity by focusing on what you can do for people or help them with.

DO NOT diminish the critical role you play as an advisor and expert in the eyes of your prospect.

Great marketers position themselves as advisors (not salespeople) who can help others get what they want.

So if you'd like to learn more about…

How to build a positive brand

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You’ll discover the tools to build your business automatically—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—ready to sign up and get busy.

None of this is intended to say that other recruiting methods don't work. They do and builders prove it every day, through their grit, grind, perseverance, and hard work.

We simply choose to do things differently, in a way that fits our lifestyle and feels aligned with who we are, we also love leverage and scaling faster!

And if you learn these ‘attraction marketing' skills, trust us… you'll start building a strong, positive brand that attracts the best prospects to your business.

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We hope this offered you some perspective and things to think about.

Mike & Carla

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