When most people think about personal branding…

Things like a sharp logo, fancy title, catchy tagline, and professional photography all come to mind.

Don’t let that hold you back from personally branding because…

These are the LAST things you need! Phew!

Which isn't to say branding isn't important, because it absolutely is.

After all, how else are you going to stand out from your competitors in today's crowded marketplace?

That's right—

Your personal brand is the key

Because let's face it, if you're a network marketer, you're not the only distributor on the block.

And if you can clearly communicate the unique value of joining your team…

You'll have folks lining up to buy specifically from you.

However, most business owners aren't taught how to create a personal brand and leverage it!

So today, we’re going to reveal three questions you must answer to begin building your personal brand online.

This is where you start. So grab a pen and paper and let’s do this!

Now, the first two questions are personal and you need to honestly answer these for yourself.

1. What do you stand for?

It's a simple question.

If you want to create an online brand and you want people to get to know you, you've got to state loud and clear what you stand for.

What's important to you?

What do you love talking about? 

What are you standing up and saying?

You need to be able to clearly articulate:

“This is what I'm about and this is what I'm going to do for you.”

That's how you create a brand and a presence.

If you want people to follow you, and to like and trust you, they’ve got to know what you stand for.

If you want them to ultimately become a customer and to buy from you this is the first step.

We’ll give you an example.

Two of the things Mike and I stand for is this: we don't promote or endorse any product or service we don't fully believe in and have used for ourselves and we always take time to understand our clients to ensure we match a solution to their needs/gaps.

To us matching where the customer is at to what will help them the MOST is KEY.

We never promote something just for the sake of making money or sell something to someone who won’t benefit from it.

We would never email our list if we ourselves hadn't actually purchased and used the information and had results with it, and we know and believe in the person behind it.

That's one of the things we stand for.

In contrast, there are plenty of marketers out there who don't give a flip and they'll promote anything to make a buck.

We want to separate ourselves from the people out there who will promote anything and everything and do it just for the sake of making some money.

Our brand, and our image, and our integrity are far more important than making a couple bucks.

Okay, I think you're with me so far, right?

Let's move on to the second question.

So in addition to knowing what you stand for from a brand-building standpoint, you also need to ask…

1. What do you stand AGAINST?

What is it out there that you see that just repels you?

What is out there that you know is going on that you just can't stand?

What do you stand against?

And this is almost as important as articulating what you stand for.

You must…

Distinguish yourselves from those who you disagree with.

Your audience wants to hear you say…

“You know what, I don't like when I see this happening.”

“I can't stand that some people do this, and I stand against it.”

It could be a lot of different things.

It could be something very deep and personal. 

And talking about these personal feelings and thoughts of what you stand against will make you seem more real to your audience.

There'll be certain people that disagree with you and that's great because if you say…

“I stand against x, y, and z.”

And there are people out there that say…

“Eh, you know, I'm actually for x, y, and z, I don't know why you don't like that.”

Well, guess what, they're probably not the people that you want to follow you anyway.

They're probably not the type of people that you want to eventually become brand evangelists for you.

And, importantly…

They will probably never buy from you anyway.

What you're doing is drawing a line in the sand and distinguishing yourself from a lot of the clutter and the noise out there.

That's good because you're separating yourself, you're making yourself not blend in to the crowd.

You're making yourself stand out and rise above certain things.

And that's exactly what you want from a brand standpoint to be good at network marketing.

You don't want to be the same as everyone else!

Here's an example for you:

We stand against builders who are all about the hype and teach outdated and spammy stuff.

These builders show up and tell their team one thing, yet do another and they lie about what it takes to be a success in the industry.

If you watch one of their trainings, you would walk away thinking…

“That’s exactly what I’m doing and not getting anywhere.”

“Yuck, I’m supposed to do that?!?”

We stand against those people who aren't in the trenches themselves actually doing this marketing stuff, who aren’t authentic and honest. Who tell people it’s so easy, that they just need to get a few friends who will get a few friends.

That's what we stand against.

We're always investing in our learning and knowledge. 

In fact, we've invested over $50,000 in personal training. Yep, we take our business very serious.

We actually do this marketing stuffWe want to teach what we're learning so it will be easier and faster for you!

We see a lot of people who only care about their wallet and don’t take time to train and educate.

Now, after you’ve decided what you stand against, then weave that into your message.

That's what's going to build your brand.

Not a logo, alright?

Logos shmogos.

This is about REAL stuff.

We didn't have a logo for the first 6 years that we built or a website or anything like that. We just knew what we stood for and what we stood against. 

Okay, the third and final question is…

3. Reach out and ask "What do you think I stand for?"

Now it's time to test what you have on paper!  Turn to your closest friends, people that get what you are doing and are also actively working on things for themselves. 

Ask them questions like:

If you had to describe me in a couple of words or phrases, what would they be?

"If you were to come to me to help you with something, what that be for? And why?"

or “Is there anyone famous or successful I remind you of?”.

The answers to these questions will give you a lot of information: are there keywords that seem to be repeating? Do they align with what you said you stand for or against?

Don't skip this step!

YOUR personal brand MUST BE BELEIVABLE! You will repel people if you are NOT authentic and you.

Another awesome way to get feedback is by asking your audience. When you begin to put out content, people will respond to it. You’ll see what resonates better with them, what turns them off and you’ll work from what they are engaging in. 

To recap, you've got to…

  1. Know what you stand for
  2. Know what you stand against
  3. Get feedback - it's gotta be believable 

So we have two questions for you to help you get into immediate action:

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Mike & Carla

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