Are you ready to craft that ultimate post?

You know...

The one that'll instantly grab your prospects attention. Compel them to connect with you and find out more about your business.

Today we're going to share the THREE most important elements that you need to create ONE.

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First a quick warning.

We're always a little leery when we hear words like "ultimate", because there's usually a ton of hype behind it.

However, what we're going to share with you today is NO HYPE.

Because how you layout your post, is just as important as what you have to say.  

You could have an amazing story, but if it isn't visually appealing then, you get crickets. 

Let's Dive in!

When your audience is scrolling through their social feeds there are 3 things that make a post POP so that they STOP and read.


We're going to break each element down and give you examples you can see how to build the ULTIMATE post.


We're going to refer to the first line of your post or video as the headline and having a headline is key to pulling in your audience. 

In fact, Copyblogger reports that, on average, 8 out of 10 readers only read headline copy.

That means your headline has 2 goals…

1. Grab your prospect’s attention and stop them in their tracks.

2. Create enough interest to get them to read the next line of your post, ad, or watch your video.

When you're about to craft your next post or video, here are some proven headline formulas that will help!

•How to ______ Without_________

•Do You Make These __________ Mistakes?

•What’s the Best Way to _________?

•5 Little-Known Ways to ________

•7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to ________ Without ________

Each of these formulas is a winner for different reasons. If you'd like to get examples of them in action click here to watch the workshop session in the Rise Marketing group.


You know those posts that look like one big paragraph with no white space? Like this one ...

What happens when you see one?

Do you scroll on by, because it all feels a bit too hard to read?

Most people do because our caveman brains get overwhelmed, we see all that text and relegate it to the “too hard” basket of our brain.

Here's the most effective way to increase readability!

1. Ensure white space between lines

2. Keep emoji use to a dull roar. You can use CAPTIAL letters for pop.

3. Have 1 BIG idea (max 3 supporting points). If you confuse people, you lose people!

Here is an example from our mentor Bec that follows this! 


Visual content is in high demand! And just about every piece of content you create can be enhanced by some kind of visual element. Even if it's just the background you choose for your post. 

Here are a few reasons WHY visuals are so important:

  • Our brain only needs 1/10 of a second to understand an image. Reading 200-250 words takes an average of 60 seconds.
  • People remember visual information 6x better than the information they have read or heard.
  • Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content! (Buffer)

Here are the TWO biggest tips we can share today about visuals:

1. Ensure your visual is congruent to what your are sharing in your post. Content with relevant images gets a whopping 94% more views than content without relevant images (source Hubspot).

2. If you are working with a cold market (aka) people that don't know you, be sure to remove the sunglasses. Let people see your eyes! This will build trust faster. 

3. Ditch the perfect photos and all those filters - add in photos that show you without make-up, or heck maybe your house is a mess! It's all good. People are tired of FAKE social.

That wraps it up! Next time you go to post remember to do a quick check to see if you've covered all the elements!

Once you have, get the post out into the world 🙂 

We'd love to know, what is ONE thing you might consider doing differently in your posts after reading this mini-training?

To your success!

Mike & Carla

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