Can we really beat inflation?

Whether you’re 27 or 67, we’re all staring at a crazy surge in prices.

I’m not gonna lie, this whole inflation situation makes my blood boil…

I read today that 80% of households with kids are worried they won’t be able to adapt fast enough to cover expenses.

That the average household will need an extra $5000 this year to maintain the same standard of living they had just last year!

And that 79% of Canadians are concerned their salaries are not going to keep pace with inflation… so even if you ask for a raise, and are fortunate enough to get one it doesn’t solve the problem.

I don't like to get political, but our government is not looking out for us, printed money won't help, earning more is the only solution to weather this storm, to beat inflation.

Consumers ages 35 to 44 recently experienced inflation at a higher rate than other age groups, with those who are 25 to 34 close behind them, according to a Wells Fargo study.

Millennials typically dedicate a greater share of their spending than other generations to certain expenses that have been increasing most rapidly, such as rent and home purchases, used cars, and gas. Your grocery bills are likely getting bigger, too - especially if you’re feeding a growing family like us!

So back to the question, CAN WE REALLY BEAT INFLATION?

Of course the most obvious solution is to "TWEAK" your budget. 

That doesn't sit well with me because I'm here to experience more life, make more memories with my family...

So tweaking the budget puts life on hold and after coming out of a pandemic, it's time to LIVE!

What's the next solution?  

Go make more M-O-N-E-Y... (again, pretty obvious)

With the Gig Ecomony there are some pretty obvious solutions: Uber driver, virtual assistant, start side business mowing lawns, washing windows or walking dogs…

Warning: Not all side hustles are created equal – with these options you are still trading time for money.

The real power comes when you add in a source of leveraged, residual income with flexibility – because I don’t know about you, but when I was running the shop, leaving the house at 6 am and getting home at 6:30 pm.... the thought of spending less time with my kids to go to work after work gutted me.

Same story for my partner Bryan Akers... he's a band director. He works long hours as a teacher and then gets on the road with the school band. His pay as a teacher isn't enough for a family of 4. So how the heck does a hard working teacher fit in going to work again?!? 

What if I could show you a leveraged way to increase that bottom line?

Something that can outpace inflation and sets no limits on what you can earn?

Best of all it also includes improving yourself mentally and physically (think more energy, better mood, ability to crush your to do list, builds resilience)???

While adding in $500 - $1000 or more of income to your life every month from your phone? (That's what Bryan is doing)

We pay 100% commissions on your first 5 sales every month!!! Yes 100%

You can earn family vacations!! We are all headed to Panama this November. There are so many families having to cancel vacations, and from this we are so blessed to get to go on one for free. 

Not only are we headed there, but other families we have helped are too!!! 

It's 100% digital from your phone and we have a complete road map that guides you through every step of building your business so you are never left wondering what you should do or needing outside resources to help you grow.

We have weekly live training, from multiple leaders all collaborating to ensure your success.

As we maintain over 100% growth month over month we are setting the stage for massive international expansion and product development, creating huge momentum opportunities each quarter for the next 2 years and beyond!

There has never been a better time to build another stream of income, and change the way you feel, be more confident and secure mentally, physically and financially.

If any of this resonates, let's chat right away 🙌

This week I'm headed to Vegas, then I'm off to our family cabin so best to DM me here.

If you're not on Facebook - shot me a text! 403-809-1129

Here's to crushing inflation!!


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