Imagine if your posts and videos were suddenly attracting three times as many viewers who were asking YOU for more info?

Sounds sweet, right?

What if you had qualified people coming to you booking in your calendar and you could help your team do the same WITHOUT spending countless hours on social?

And when you open your back office you'd see a graph like this one... 

We don't know about you, but we love doing SMART work 🙂 The type of work that gets SOCIAL MEDIA working FOR YOU. 

We call this type of work the “magic words” for selling and enrolling.

Because once you nail them, your response rate for your social media posts will transform.

You’ll see a marked difference in how people respond to you (our graph above is proof of that!).

And you'll find you attract people who are EXCITED to work with you! 

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The Magic Words to Selling & Enrolling

There are TWO steps to discovering the magic words, and once you nail them, you'll be able to have social media working for YOU!  

We must warn you: they are very powerful and need to be used for GOOD, to help people make a decision that is right for them, NOT to trick or manipulate them. 

STEP 1:  Know your IDEAL prospect

If you try to talk to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.

We find a lot of people don’t know who their ideal prospect really is, and it's critical to “clue in” on that, because your ideal prospect may be very different than your uplines.

Depending on your product, depending on the kind of business that you're building, who you have access to, your ideal prospect will vary greatly — even with the exact same product.

So get really specific about who that is. Here is a starting point:

  • Age range
  • Hobbies
  • Family 
  • Dreams/Desires
  • Challenges
  • Objections

Once you determine this, you're ready for Step 2.

STEP 2: Find The WORDS They Use

This is “detective work,” a little like CSI.

You're going to look for the words that they are using to express their…

  • Problems
  • Desires
  • Difficulties
  • Roadblocks

For example, If you have decided that you are going to help working Moms who are 35 - 45 to lose weight without dieting...

The first thing you'll need to do is find out what words they are using and what terms they are searching for. 

And... once you discover them.... these are the magic words!

These then become the words you MUST use. 

When you start to use them, you'll get comments like these on your posts:

Now you might be wondering… where do I go to find the magic words?

Easy. You search in places where your ideal prospect goes to express their problems or desires. For example: Facebook Groups,, Twitter, Reddit, read customer reviews.

Look for insights and pay close attention to the words they use to:

  • Describe their problems
  • Express what they are trying to solve
  • Share their desires
  • Talk about what their expectations are
  • Describe what they tried that didn't work

What words are popping out to you when you see their comments? Write them all down!

The MOST important thing we can share is…. magic words are not your wordsThey are your prospects words.

Even though that might seem simplistic, using the MAGIC WORDS is one of the most powerful things you can do to attract people to you, to have people comment on your posts and actually be interested in what you have!

Need more proof? 

Here is exhibit A: a post that I did where I spoke specifically to my target prospect - Mom's who are feeling extra tired, a bit snappy and just not right. These are all words that I found in a Mom group on Facebook. Yes, I am a Mom but I did not assume how other Mom's were feeling. So I did my homework, and the result... 

What's cool about this is even Dad's and Grandpa's took it (I wasn't even focused on them). You can clearly see taking the time to really understand your prospect and use their words is KEY!  This post was featured at Digital Networker Live because of how well it performed (99 comments, 18 private messages, 42 leads/quiz takers, 3 customers, 1 team member and growing!) 

Here is exhibit B: Bryan's reels! Bryan has partnered with us (he actually applied to join our team), and he is using the magic words in his reels. Bryan is crushing it! His target prospects are teachers struggling with stress (basically all teachers). He's getting more leads then he can respond to and teachers who he as never met are becoming customers!

Here is exhibit C: A bonus, just for you! Using magic words in Facebook groups has helped us to organically grow and we get so many comments we can't possibly respond back to everyone. Ask a question to group members, with the magic words in it. Watch your post explode!

PRO TIP: To find magic words fast in groups, go to the search bar. Type in rant and you will be flooded with magic words. This is most effective in groups over 5,000 people. 

Since including words our ideal prospects say in our Facebook ads and organic posts, videos and reels we've attracted over 600 distributors to our training, are consistently in the top 3 on the leaderboard, have built a thriving team (we've hit guaranteed income) and have a solid customer base. 

Remember: The words are magic because they are the exact words your ideal customers are using! 

Magic Words are all about your audience’s problems, desires, and expectations. And the best part about this little known secret is that you can find magic words everywhere.

If you use their words in your posts, video titles, emails… every time you create content you'll get impressive results!

We encourage you to take some time and really dig into this.

Make sure you have a solid idea of who your ideal prospects and customers/builders are and what THEY want.

Once you do, you’ll find people respond very differently to you.

Please take these lessons seriously, because this is how you…

Make Instant and Effortless Sales!

You'll attract the right people to your business without working any harder or feeling like the only way to succeed is to talk to everyone.

People will instantly start following you and enrolling with you, which is why you're here right?!? To GROW.

If you think you need more help on how do this and if you’d like to learn how we are using the Social Media to connect with more people, sell more, enroll more and build a team of action takers who come to us, in combination with these techniques…

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See you over there!

Mike & Carla

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