What's your gut reaction to this statement?

It's time to hop on social media and attract a tonne of leads to your business.

  • Awesome, let's do this!
  • OK, but I'm not finding much success with it
  • Ick, it makes me feel salesy and I hate doing it

Here's the thing, regardless of what category you are in, this training will help you stand out and learn new and authentic ways to get the people YOU want to raise their hand and say 'More Info Please'! 

If you're still thinking... how can I possibly stand out and attract people to me, I've tried everything? 

Here's the answer...

Flip things around and do the unexpected!

Put into action any of our favorite effective and unexpected attraction marketing tactics below and see a shift take place in your business! Go ahead, read on...

1. Reply to the skeptics and naysayers

It’s really important to note, this is not about battling a critic or naysayer to prove your point or get them to ditch their world view. That is just a waste of your precious time.

This is to show the people that you want to attract, your values. Your ideal customer and teammate is watching, they want to know you really believe in what you’re doing and can help them. Replying to our naysayers has attracted some of our best clients to us and has made us over $27K in sales

2. Listen Linda!

This is a deceptively simple tactic, yet can be a challenge to master when you are so excited about the possibility of what you have to offer.

Here’s what’s cool about simply listening, no one is doing it! They are too busy telling people to STOP THE SCROLL and then talking!

Invest time and energy into being a better listener. It will attract people to you and yes, you can close with ease once you master this.

Taking time to listen and understand is how you will rise above the competition, stand out and create TRUE connection. Hold off on sharing your link or sending that video until you have asked people more questions and REALLY listened.

credit to @nicolecheriebarker for this tip.

3. Ditch the Typical Lead Magnets

Let’s define a lead magnet: A lead magnet is an incentive that business owners offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. If you want to feel like a professional and you want to generate leads online (aka get qualified people to talk to), then your business needs a lead magnet. Period.

Because people are getting kinda tired of exchanging their emails for free recipes, checklists and hacks, we’ve recently started to use quizzes as a lead magnet. Let’s just say… they are game changing! We’re really fortunate that our company has made a quiz for us to share.

Quizzes work exceptionally well because people are naturally curious, they love to learn more about themselves. They also make excellent conversation starters (e.g., Hey Joey, I saw that you took the quiz did you find your results to be accurate?), and give you a shared language to discuss things that are meaningful for you.

4. Take a Stand!

Stop watering down your strong viewpoints so you don't piss anyone off! You are going to have to turn some people off in order for the right people to connect with you.

Your ideas and strong viewpoints are what help you stand out. For everyone one person that thinks your idea is wrong, there will be 5 more that are GRATEFUL you said something.

If you’re not 100% sure of your view points, you can start by doing this….

In your business, what are you rebelling against? What is something that people do in your industry that you don’t agree with?  
Share one thing you're rebelling against today on your social feed and tag us in it!

5. Don’t Automate Everything!

The digital world and many ‘gurus’ tell that your dream business should run for you while you sip tequila on a beach… you have little bots and digital tech (such as ads, funnels etc.) do ALL the work for you, they find the perfect people, get them to sign up, push them into a group, train them, and then rinse and repeat.

And of course we are for leverage! But there comes a time when it’s JUST too much tech and not enough HUMAN CONNECTION!

People are often shocked when they find out we are really the ones responding to their comment on our Ad not a bot. They are so excited to connect to a REAL person. So please always take the extra time to do this… it puts you ahead of everyone!

TIP: Do get yourself a booking calendar. Calendy is amazing and will save you from being a booking agent. It’s much easier for your team to share it and keeps you from pulling your hair out!

6. The Outsider Interview

We love this one! People are so shocked when we interview people that are NOT in our company or on our team. We use this tactic because we want people to know that we care about their success and we are here to offer support and value in more than one way. It’s all about abundance. And when you interview someone you both benefit because you can get in front of a new audience (theirs). 

Who outside of your team/company could bring value to your audience? 

Reach out to them and see if they’d like to do an interview on your business or personal page.

7. Skip the Hard Sell

In your business, you are the tour guide, but the gift shop does not ALWAYS have to be open. What we mean is, mix things up and leave the pitch out of some of your posts and videos because people do love to buy but they don’t love to be sold to. If all you do is sales calls to action, people will ignore you!

We leverage three different calls to action (CTA) and always mix ‘em up to create more engagement, more conversations, more connections and that all leads to more customers and builders! Here they are:

  1.  Engagement Boosters: If you found value in this, drop a value in the comments. Did this serve you today? Drop a value in the comments. 
  2.  Conversation Starters: e.g., Do you suffer from fatigue? Drop fatigue if you can relate. Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Drop sleep if you can relate (you can go back and talk to people after who have dropped a comment).
  3. Sales Driven: e.g., Drop a “Blueprint” down into the comments if you’d like access to the e-book that helped us level up our marketing and attract people to us. You can say drop “Energy” If you’d like to learn about the product that has allowed me to ditch the 2 pm crash. Drop a “Workshop” below if you’d like an invite to the workshop (we know that our groups and workshops convert so we always offer them).

8. The power of No!

Your product is not for "everyone". Think about the sneaker business. It's a pretty wide market. Practically everyone needs a pair, right? But the most successful sneaker companies know better; they focus on very specific targets (think about the difference between Nike and Sketchers). People gravitate towards things that "speak" to them. It's difficult to do that when you're trying to appeal to everybody. You end up with a very weak message that no one person can actually identify with (which also related to tactic #4).  

It’s also OK to say ‘no’ to the wrong clients. This proves you are willing to align to your core values, who you are best aligned to serving, even if it means sacrificing the sale.

9. Send it!

Send misaligned clients to the competition. If you have a sales call with someone who just isn’t a great fit, recommend them to someone that would better serve them. When we do this, people are shocked, it takes them a minute to process it. They always are super grateful and we get referrals back to us because of this!

10. 15 Minute Mini Sessions

Come up with a creative way to book 15 minute sessions where you can solve some else’s problem quickly. This establishes you as the expert and you never know where the relationship will lead! 

In Closing,

The truth is, you really don’t need a massive amount of ways to attract tonne of leads (we prefer to say clients) to you. You ONLY need a select few that you love doing, aren't the same as everyone else and are aligned with your goals, and brand.

We hope that after reading this training, your gut reaction to this statement from the start of the blog (It's time to hop on social media and attract a tonne of leads to your business.) has changed for the better!

If you want to dive deeper into Attraction Marketing and get the exact details of how we enroll customers and teammates weekly… then we have two options for you to check out!

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2. If you LOVE your company and want to skill up to Attract people to YOU, we highly recommend you can grab the recruitment e-book that started it all for us. What we love most is the e-book breaks down step-by-step how to attract high quality prospects to youCheck it out here

See you on the inside!

Mike & Carla

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